Our first newsletter of the school year will be posted in mid-September. Thank you for your patience.

Caught with Character

Caught with Character is a school-wide incentive system to help students want to make good choices and have good character. Each Friday at our ROAR Rally, a student from every class will be selected to have their name added to our Caught with Character Wall of Fame. They will have their name displayed for the rest of the month, and their group picture from the week posted on the wall for the rest of the school year so everyone can see that they were Caught with Character. Students are chosen by their teachers for this honor when they have been an outstanding representation of the month's character trait, which they will learn about in their character education class each week with the counselor. More information about character education can be found on the About the Program page. 

September's Character Trait: Respect

Respect is treating other people with consideration for their wants, needs, and feelings. Help your child learn about respect by always expecting them (and yourself) to use the magic words, "please," "thank you," and "excuse me," and to think about how their actions will affect the other people, animals, and objects around them.

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