• Early Release, Friday May 26

    Just a reminder, our last day of school is Friday, May 26th. Students will be released at 12:30.

    Wills Point Primary School
  • Head Start Now Enrolling!

    Call to set up an appointment!

    Wills Point Primary School
  • Flu Vaccine

    We still have flu vaccine available for free. For more information, contact the school nurse, Ms. Adams.

    Wills Point Primary School
  • Be Safe at Drop Off

    Remember, our staff does not arrive on campus until 7:15. Please do not drop off your children before this time. Thank you for not blocking the driveway entrance so that our staff can get into the parking lot.

    Wills Point Primary School
  • New school times

    The school day begins at 7:50.  Students need to be in their class before then.

    Students are tardy at 8:00am and parents will need to come inside to sign them in.  School lets out at 3:15.  

    Wills Point Primary School



Students of the month for May are:
Back row: Kason Baker, Mariana Lopez, Aaron Dias, Callie Dennis, Aurora Wilhite, Elijiah Turner, Rosabel Redding
Middle row: Daisey Montano, Kaegen Gentry, Skyler Spencer, Landon Montoya, Chloe Dingledine, Brooklyn Horn, Issy Palos, Leyton McEnturff, Dylen Ramirez
Front row: Carlo Arce, Dalton Moss, Maddison Cunigan, Jocelyn Atilano, Rafael Silva, Herbirto Godina
Not pictured: Jocelyn Villagrana, Aaryn Dean




School Safety

Your child's safety is our first priority.

All visitor's must show a picture ID.

Parent Lunch Visits

Parents will be able to begin visiting during lunch after the 1st grading cycle on Tuesdays and Fridays.

This campus has kids who are away from their parents for the first time,  they need this time to adjust to school.

Please do not offer to take your child home after lunch due to continued learning throughout the day.

 Lunch schedule.pdf 


The character theme for this month is UNDERSTANDING.

Every Friday, one student from each class who has been a good representation to their peers of this character trait will get to have their name put on the Wall of Fame and will get to come play in my office for a little bit between lunch and recess. 

Look for this month's newsletter in your child's folder during the week of April 10-14, or take a look at it here in English or here in Spanish. Featured this month are ways to use nature to practice math, teaching students to be independent, and what to do when your student comes home saying someone at school is being mean to them.

If you would like your student to come see me for counseling, you can fill out this form to let me know what's going on. Or if your student tells you they would like to see me, you can help them fill out this form to get on my schedule. Teachers, complete this form if you have a student who needs to see me or help the student complete the student request.

Image result for raincloudApril showers bring May flowers, so don't let all the rain get you down! Image result for flower


Welcome to the Principal's Corner

We want students to be Proud to be a TIGER

T = talk quietly

I = independent thinker

G = good attitude

E = eyes and ears ready

R = responsible and respectful